Workers Allege Missouri Pork Plant is a Public Nuisance

The New York Times published a story this morning about a lawsuit filed by pork plant workers against their employer, Smithfield Foods. The workers allege conditions are so hazardous they constitute a public nuisance because of Covid pandemic. The workers are not seeking monetary damages, rather they are trying to force the plant to implement safety changes and provide adequate PPE.

There is a saying in the law that a document “speaks for itself.” While the Times story described the complaint and quoted people involved in the case, they did not include a link to the actual complaint itself. In fact, they didn’t even specify which Federal district in Missouri the complaint was filed.

The Law Office of Michael J. Gras, LLC believes everyone should be equal before the law. For this to be true, the public needs to have direct access to our legal system.

As such, and for your convenience, we have linked to the Rural Community Workers Alliance et. al v. Smithfields Foods, Inc., et al, WDMO Case No. 5:20-cv-06063-DGK complaint here.

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